1) Halal holidays and Travel

Called ethical travel or muslim-friendly tourism, halal travel is a recently developed concept that allows Muslim tourists to enjoy holidays in full compliance with the principles of the Muslim religion.

Halal travel is not to be confused with religious travel, but suggests holiday destinations adapted to the needs of Muslims. There are several halal travel agencies.

Halal holidays became a way to enjoy a trip as a muslim and still stick to our principles.

The Private Tours offered by some muslim-friendly travel agencies is to enjoy a trip in a family friendly environment, to enjoy halal food, to have access to prayer areas or mosques nearby and in some cases to offer swimming pools or beaches reserved only for women.

In this article, we will tell you about the new phenomenon of halal travel, which allows Muslims to travel and enjoy their holidays while remaining faithful to their ethics and religious practice. Halal or “muslim friendly” travel is well established in today’s tourism, and one of the most popular destinations is Malaysia with its sumptuous mosques and paradisiacal islands.

There are several halal travel agencies.

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 2) Halal trip: a booming market.


Indeed, for several years we have witnessed a real boom in halal tourism on the tourist market. Halal tourism is what is known in other words as Muslim ethnic travel, which describes a way of perceiving travel in Islam. This is why the Halal Hotel is appearing as well as holiday clubs that serve only Halal meat with a ban on the sale and consumption of alcohol.

Women are honored with direct access and reserved for spas, swimming pools and leisure areas in some hotels and in all seaside resorts; private beaches with an intimate setting and/or tanning areas.

Swimming in France with burkini rhymes with prohibition and prefectoral decree; thus everything becomes easier by choosing to travel elsewhere and in a simple way: Halal tourism emerges!

Travelling with the family is becoming easier, as families are very present and facilities and entertainment are reserved for children. Private mixed beaches are reserved for them, but with regulations for wearing clothing in accordance with Islam. The value and modesty of the Muslim are the essential points of this family framework. A halaltrip is not always easy to organize but there are few muslim travel agencies that could allow that.

Pray, meditate and worship your lord in isolation without the crowd and noise? This is not a problem because many places of prayer are present on the spot, mosque places of worship are present.

“Halal: lifestyle habits (food, drinks, behaviour) permitted by Islam. “The word “Halal”, often associated with people’s eating habits, is not limited to the latter but also affects the behaviour of Muslims. We rarely hear about halal travel. One of the best halal travel destinations remains Malaysia (see Blue Mosque Video, Kuala Lumpur)



Over the years, halal has become a real business in its own right, worth nearly 2300 billion dollars in 2013. This is something to do very beautifully, and the tourism institution has understood this well.

The countries that are leaders in this field are Asian: Malaysia, Indonesia, Bali, Muslims in search of halal travel compete for these heavenly destinations that perfectly match their expectations, they offer halal stays that meet a real expectation.

There is also Turkey, which is more affordable and has made a name for itself in Muslim tourism. There are several halal hotels, ready to offer services that could be described as Muslim travel and which also offer halal booking services that include hotel reservations up to private tour reservations and also excursions and trips between Muslim sisters. A website such as booking.com also offers you halal services but only if you check customer comments.


3) A new trend : halal travel

This raises the question of what the term halal travel, which is very popular at the moment, means in practice. A halal trip is a trip that corresponds to Muslim rules, involving behaviour that is respectful of Sharia law. Halal food, soft drinks, but also modesty and daily prayers are on the agenda. According to the hotels, every Muslim will therefore be able to eat without worrying about the contents of his plate with the assurance of having halal meat, have a prayer mat in his hotel room towards Mecca, and be protected from mixing if he so wishes.

Indeed, there are private beaches reserved exclusively for women, to swim in peace, but also private beaches reserved for men, to preserve their looks from other women in lighter clothes. But the non-mixing is not mandatory: family swimming pools will be available for everyone, so that the gentleman can enjoy fresh water and sunshine with the lady, and so that they can all have fun as a family – with their children if they have any – provided, of course, that they wear clothes that respect Muslim morals.

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The halal or muslim friendly trip is:

– the guarantee to enjoy the hotel’s services in accordance with Muslim values,

– arrange an appointment at the airport with a designated person who will take care of your arrival (for example, for a group of women, the welcome will necessarily be made by a woman),

– enjoy hearing the member in the hotel

– be able to enjoy a prayer mat, rosary or Koran that is available in your room

– enjoy non-mixed swimming pools and slides when you are a woman

– perhaps even the opportunity to meet people who share your Muslim values and “lifestyle”.


4) Halal tourism is valued at $220 billion and is the most dynamic segment of the travel industry


HALAL TRAVEL or  ethical holiday

Singapore has created a fair where entrepreneurs and business leaders from all over the world meet and discuss current trends in Islamic markets. The halal travel industry is one of the major areas to be developed, it is the fastest growing travel market in the world. The current Muslim traveller has characteristics that these predecessors did not have. Indeed, he is younger, more educated, and has a higher income, which means that Muslim tourists opt for more varied and more distant destinations. The manager of CrescentRating, sniffed out this potentially important market, and its platform allows Muslim tour operators to explore the mode with complete peace of mind.


During his work-related travels, the manager realized that Muslim travellers were not clearly identified as an important and real segment, so their specific needs and unique requirements could not be clearly addressed. There was a lack of a strong supply of halal hotels, halal food and places available for worship. Thus, he wanted to make things happen, starting by first evaluating the halal hotel industry on a star scale according to the degree of muslim friendly. Currently, the offer is expanded, they train both hotels and companies in the halal market through workshops and accredited training programs. There is also the development of online training to broaden knowledge of halal. This guide is intended to be the reference for the evaluation of halal hotels.

The halal travel market is potentially estimated at $300 billion by the end of 2025. At 11% of global spending, which makes it a significant part of the industry’s most lucrative and dynamic market.

Halal tourism is a general term that encompasses a target population of Muslim travellers who travel for pleasure or work. The latter have needs that will be classified into different categories: halal food, information on prayer times and places, single-sex facilities, easily achievable ablutions… Not all Muslims have the same needs, some want all the criteria when comparatively others only want halal food. Thus there are degrees in the practice that go from strictly practicing to at least practicing.

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You have seen the complexity of the halal market industry and its fragmentation. There is indeed a difference in the practice of the Muslim traveller from the Middle East and that of Asia or Europe for example.  It is an industry that is very complex indeed, there are needs that are based on faith and these can vary in an individual’s level of halal consciousness. And then there are needs that are related to other factors. At first sight, for example, the needs of Muslim travellers are the same during Ramadan but there are other more specific needs. It is on these needs that there is a real work to be done because it must be targeted and meet its characteristics and requirements. These are personal, individual needs related to religion. This is a painstaking task, as the halal market segment in Muslim travel is complex, requiring different stages with a deeper understanding of Muslim travellers’ behaviour and the market itself.


It even seems quite surprising that few people have looked at the subject, because it is a relatively new phenomenon. This is a phenomenon that believes at a spectacular rate, in 2000, there were 25 million international Muslims in 2000, in 2010, 100 million, in 2016 120 million. In 10 years, the market has increased fourfold. In addition, with the attacks of 11 November, these events had a real impact on Muslims and even in the halal market in this case.

The real prospect of this market is to make Muslims travel to any part of the world by meeting the real needs of each individual. Japan and South Korea have made great efforts to revive Muslim tourism, the Asian market has been a real leader in this field with Malaysia and Indonesia leading the market. Non-Muslim countries such as Switzerland and Jordan (Petra) are places that should also be visited for rich personal experiences.

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Also agencies, travel sites and multiple travel companies are increasingly seeking to conquer Muslim travellers. A multitude of micro companies and START up are flourishing and trying to win the jackpot. A rental company in Orlando, Florida, for example, offers halal holiday homes in ABU DHABI with swimming pools with terraces and rooms where you can find prayer mats and Korans. The application of a British company lists the gourmet restaurants that serve halal meat in London and Dubai. Another one based in Boston offers travel guides including 90 cities with local prayer times and a compass to point the qibla.


Previously, the halal tourism market was considered a source of income limited to Islamic travel with an influx of Muslim travellers to Mecca. However, the current market is developing more and more to expand this halal tourism to meet the increasingly demanding Muslim travellers and travellers from all over the world.

Muslim travellers from Gulf countries spend the most on halal travel with an average of $10,000 per traveller spent per trip outside the Gulf. This population is a very demanding population and it can afford it all the more because it has the means to do so.

Even the United States is getting halal, Ritz- Carlton hotels in Dallas and New York serve halal meals on request and also offer private pool rentals and friendly muslims rooms.  There is a real boom in halal travel.


These halal hotels seek at all costs to meet the expectations of Muslims who demand unmixed, modesty, and a family environment within the hotel.  Curtains are also put up to respect the privacy of Muslim families who, for example, come to visit Disney Land parks or other family parks. It is well known that luxury hotels treat their guests like kings and reindeer. Many attentions are paid to them, small gifts of welcome, and outings, well ironed clothes, a really meticulous cleaning and the for the Muslim population therefore the respect of privacy…

The number of Muslims is growing daily, so the Muslim market is a growing sector that cannot be erased because Muslim travellers are constantly seeking renewal, escape and new experiences.

Turkey, a friendly muslim country par excellence, offers private beach rentals only for women and a structure has even been put in place to prevent people from flying on it. Discovery tours are organized to discover the Islamic tourist heritage and that of previous civilizations. Turkey has hosted twenty different civilizations. The most important discovery tour is the Ottoman heritage tour in Istanbul with a visit to the famous blue mosque.   Many halal hotels are present,

Malaysia, too, is in the process of conquering new travellers posing as a “Malaysia friend of Muslims”.

voyage halal malaisie

Some halal booking sites can filter destination searches according to several criteria, for example hotels that do not serve alcohol, halal hotels that offer halal meat permanently or on reservation.

Some Muslim travellers are really demanding on the entire “halality” of the trip and others are a little more permissive. Being able to choose the criteria that are essential to us or with your hand on all the criteria to best respect our ethics is a freedom that travel agencies and sites offer you today. Also this kind of freedom allows all Muslim travellers to be happy.

It is necessary to distinguish between two different concepts: the friendly halal object (halal hotel, halal restaurant…) and 100% halal holidays, the first is for example located for a short business trip, medical, it is suitable for the Muslim traveller… and the second is designed to offer a 100% halal holiday therefore for the Muslim holiday. Halal Gems is an application that lists gourmet halal meals in London and Dubai. In Dubai, the challenge is not to find halal food but to find the best gastronomic options or organized halal catering.  Other applications are available that list the prayer times of more than 90 cities around the world with the direction of the qibla as a bonus. From Amsterdam, Athens to Bangkok via Washington…


Halal bookings is more and more increasing hence muslim population expect muslim-friendly facilities when they travel.

Hotel Halal al Meroz


Hotel Halal al Meroz

Halal travel or muslim-friendly travel is now very present on the Tourism market.  Indeed, there are countless online halal booking sites around the world and this concept is no longer to be presented.

From booking a halal hotel to a road trip, including an all-inclusive stay, seaside resorts, leisure areas, reserved tanning areas, excursions or booking villas with private swimming pools… Halal travel respects a unique rule: you travel Muslim while preserving the modesty and values of Islam.

The current flagship destination is undoubtedly Turkey. We are witnessing a real explosion in the Muslim halal hotel market. Indeed, some customers prefer an Islamic hotel in Turkey. This country has a very wide variety of destinations such as historical sites, archaeological areas but also many seaside resorts along the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea. The many cultures that the country has known throughout its history and the very favourable climate give Turkey a major advantage in tourism. More than 40 million foreign tourists visited Turkey in 2013, Turkey is the 6th largest destination in the world. Adhan in hotels, find prayer mats, Quran available, the direction of the qibla, prayer rooms dedicated to women and men are all promises that await you in Muslim hotels. Turkish halal hotels have seen their clientele increase threefold. The first hotel to offer an environment that complies with Islamic moral codes, Caprice Thermal Palace, opened its doors in Didim, near the Aegean Sea. This quiet little town of 3,500 inhabitants is now overrun by hotel complexes.